About Me

Hi, I'm Jim

Some people also call me Jimmy, even fewer call me James, and a select handful call me Jimes.

I have two sweet black cats, a hell of a sweet tooth, and a reputation for filtering through crowds as a not-so-small ghost.

Photo Cred: 403ABC

I'm a live music/portrait photographer.

I aim to make evocative images of people, places, and events. 

Movement filled portraits of musicians and performers in the zone with enough breathing room in the frame to put yourself there in the moment.

Past & Current Clients

Curiosity Music Festival

Shambhala Music Festival

Rebel Cause Films

Astral Harvest

Electric Sky Music Festival

Sub Chakra

Alberta Electronic Music (AEMCON)

Low-End Productions (2017-Present)

The 7 Deadly Sins (2016-Present)

Top Drawer Collective

Blueprint Alberta


Coming Soon!

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